Google is not to blame

By: Mérida | April 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

. . . but while dealing with local hometown officials, elected and unelected, I find errors, mistakes, a society dependent on “the Good Lord” ,  rather than their own reason, science and human intellect.

My hometown in South Georgia has a communal Sarah Palenesque mindset, with some of my nearest neighbors actually home schooling their children and denying global warming, even though the azaleas were early, basically skipping Spring and throwing the land from Winter to Summer, and the bugs have eaten up our lawn and the trees are dying from the invading species, and the fire ants are marching north, and they don’t believe in evolution .  .  .

In the lower left side of the Google street map appears a small sub-division built by my father in the 1940s and named for our family.  It has only three streets, named for his three children, but through the years some idiot secretary or  ” good ole’ boy”  has taken it upon himself to rename the three streets — all, incorrectly.  The populace is mainly Republican.  They don’t own passports and they don’t want them.

The local high school devotes most of its budget and enthusiasm to sports.

Who needs science or language arts, when we have Cornerstone Church ?

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