Testimonials . . . what they say about us

“…inside, all is Mexican colonial… breakfast was included and the place was positively delightful.” The New York Times

“…a vibrant hybrid of Mayan, Spanish, and Arab influences, Casa Mexilio artfully incorporates its city’s heritage into eight unique rooms in the center of town.” Conde Nast Traveler

“This bed-and-breakfast is unlike any other I know. The owners show a genius for playing with space in an unexpected and delightful manner. Rooms are at different levels — creating private spaces joined to each other and to roof-top terraces by stairs and cat walks. Rooms are large and comfortable; most of the central patio is taken up by a small pool and whirlpool and exuberant vegetation. Breakfast fare is wonderful.” Frommer’s

“…The very romantic CASA MEXILIO is Merida’s most charming pension — a well-preserved and decorated house with a pool and 10 quiet, beautifully appointed rooms, breakfast included. This is highly recommended.” Fodor’s Yucatant

“Quite possibly the most beautiful hotel in Mexico – each of the eight ten rooms in a restored colonial townhouse is individually decorated, and there are tranquil gardens, sun terrace and a pool. The delicious breakfasts are included in the rates.” Lonely Planet

“Este encantador hotel est á camuflado en una pequeña calle, muy cerca del centro de Merida. A primera vista parece ser una residencia familiar, pero al entrar la sorpresa es grande: se trata de un lugar que, aunque pequeño, tiene mucha historia. La casa, de principios de siglo XIX, perteneció a la familia Solis León, una de las mas conocidas de la región .  .  .

La casa fue restaurada completamente – respetando su estilo — y si bien al principio tenia una decoración muy sencilla, con los años se ha ido llenando de objetos. Hoy parece un museo personal y su ambiente es único.

En la primera planta se encuentran la biblioteca y un salón de estar: ambos están repletos de antigüedades y tienen una atractiva vista a la pequeña piscina. En las otras tres plantas se ubican las nueve habitaciones — cada una es diferente y lleva el nombre de algún personaje histórico  —, un comedor y varios balcones desde los que se puede observar la ciudad.

Hace unos años sus dueños adquirieron una propiedad similar que se encuentra al frente de la casa original. Ahí montaron una sede alterna del hotel, con dos habitaciones mas y un patio. Su idea es seguir creciendo en los próximos años. Eso si: siempre con el mismo cuidado por los detalles.”  Travesias 50 Hoteles con Encanto en Mexico 2010

“Questo bed & breakfast e senza dubbio la sistemazione più affascinante di Merida. In una via tranquilla a dieci minuti di cammino dal centro,d e ospitato in una bella casa d’inizio secolo: quadri e incisioni, terrecotte talaveras, mobili e oggetti d’antiquariato abbinati con gusto e tessuti guatemaltechi decorano gli interni, mentre nei patios crescono rigogliose piaante tropicali e sonnecchiano i gatti casa. Il proprietario e un americano un po’svanito. Si spendono 60.000 lire per la doppia con il ventilatore a pale, 95.000 lire per quella con aria condizionata (necesaria in luglio e agosto).” MERIDIANI Messico 1999

“An Enchanting Labyrinth”

Casa Mexilio epitomises the type of accommodation that encourages people to travel independently. For approximately £7.50 per room per night you are taken through a non-descript door that it almost invisible from the street into an enchanting colonial labyrinth, which sees dark wood and high ceilings intermingled with an indoor pond and lush, green plants. The en-suite rooms are compact but charming and decorated with products either made on-site or from the local artisan markets.

The simple breakfast is served upstairs in an elegant drawing room, which adds to the feeling that you have found somewhere special.

www.vinivi.co.uk  June 2010

“The hotel Casa Mexilio is a great way to experience the colonial opulence of Mérida.”Travel Companions Journals

received on Dec 14, 2010

Roger and Jorge

Last April we stayed at Casa Mexilio on a house hunting trip. You made our last stay so enjoyable we are going to book again with you this year, January 11th through the 18th. Your hospitality went beyond our expectation, the rooms are charming and staff so delightful and courteous.

We did purchase a property on Callie 57 just around the corner from you, and look forward to have you guys over when it is complete.

Looking forwarding to seeing and staying with you again.

Don & Jan Logan
Warrenton MO


Claudette Elizondo wrote:

Roger, Jorge and Carlos,

We cant thank you enough for your generosity once again and of coarse for all

the work and thought you put into this months event. It turned out beautifully

thanks to you.

I just wanted to share this short video our friend Erich put together of our

event. Feel free to post it on your website. I hope you like it.

Kind Regards,

Claudette and Remixto Team


Our stay at Casa Mexilio

Hi Roger,

This is Trish in Atlanta finally sending you an email regarding our stay at your wonderful place(s).

I really enjoyed our rooms and that wonderful A/C. The weather there was much hotter than I expected ! I expecially miss the fabulous breakfasts we had there. They were just the icing on the cake !

The ambience at Casas Mexilio and Yolanda were delightful, and they took me into a dream of a romantic and spendid past. It was just so refreshing to come to a place that was far beyond the little box that I live in here.

Thank you for letting Jeffrey and me be in the lives of you and your staff for the 10 days we were there. Tell Jorge, Carlos, Carla, and Manuel that I say “Hola”.



July 1, 2010

Dear Carlos and Jorge,

Thank you for our three wonderful nights at Casa Mexilio.  Your hotel is a true
gem in every way, from the beautiful, meticulously kept rooms and the stunning
public spaces to the heavenly swimming pool and lush terraces and patios!  The
breakfasts at Casa Yolanda were delicious, too! Your personal attention to your
guests made us feel like old friends from the very first evening when you waited
to greet us after our flight from Houston arrived quite late.  Patrice, Nancy
and I look forward to returning to Casa Mexilio many times in the future and
enjoying the magical world you have created!

With appreciation,

Hope Anderson

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Hola y muy buenos dias a los anfitriones de la casa Mexilio.
Hace dos anos tuve la oportunidad de visitar la peninsula de Yucatan con un amigo de los Angeles, CA. De las dos semanas que pasamos en Yucatan, la estancia en casa Mexilio fue una experiencia muy agradable . Es en verdad un lugar muy especial. Espero regresar muy pronto.

Les tengo una pregunta. Por favor me podrian decir como hacen los huevos divorciados ? Los encontre en su menu. yo nunca habia oido hablar de tal platillo.

Les agradeceria su informacion.




Just a thank you for your time and friendliness, we really enjoyed Casa Mexilio, and hope to return next year.

and a special thank you for not serving us a American breakfast, as we really enjoyed not knowing what we were going to experience when we walked across the street in the morning.  (It was always good)

Thanks again

Hugo & Cynthia  Aug 15, 2010


Hi Roger and crew at the Casa Mexilio~totally the most beautiful house that we have stayed in during our travels. As hosts, You guys have  brought us closer to the heart of the Yucatan, with your stories, your kindness, and your astute suggestions for travel to Uxmal. Rockin breakfast too Roger.

Today Dante and the boys threw wood into the cellar for our winter fuel, and we took out the last of the chard from the garden. The hills are dusted with snow. The sun is warm on our faces, though, and we remember Merida.  Have a great winter! Ciao for Now, Suzanne and Dante Corsano


31 Jan 2011

Hola Roger

Thanks again for a wonderful stay we really appreciate your hospitality. One of us will again be returning soon to check on the progress of our new casa.

We have discovered through  local legend that the home we bought on 57 was a area used by soldiers during the Caste War (which started in 1847) and that our lot and the lot behind were used for the horses. Interesting, huh? Well that leads us to a name of casa de los caballos.

I have also discover your blog and enjoy it very much.

Hoping to see you soon and when we finally get there to have you over for whatever reason

Don & Jan Logan

Warrenton MO

PS what ever happen to the new bar maid you hired, I would have never left. I also need to really check out the pool next time


Feb 2, 2011

Hi Roger,

Which e-mail address should I continue using?

A short note to tell you how much I enjoyed your cafe and especially that incredible hamburger w/blue cheese.  I have not had such a great hamburger since I’ve been in Merida.
Now. . .I’ve heard conflicting reports about when you are opening the Cafe. What nights will it be open.  I have been telling folks about it.



Feb 12, 2011

Thank you for a very wonderful visit – I hope very much to be there for a much longer visit next year, but I guess we’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile I have available digs in NYC, so if you happen to be coming here, give me a call.  Anyway it was fun and thank you.

All best wishes,  Elaine Montgomery


Feb. 22, 2011

Hello Roger, We loved your hotel and loved Merida. We want to buy a place there this year and try to start some kind of business ( not a hotel )
My wife and I were wondering what your are asking for your place across the street from the hotel …if you don’t mind us asking.
We are back to the rain (Portland,Or) and expecting 3in of snow tomorrow. Mexico is calling. Thanks again. Henry Bogdan/Kim Kincaid


Hi Roger,

Greetings from the still snowy world of Rochester, New York.  David and I enjoyed the week we spent at Casa Mexilio last month muchissimo.  The colonial building is beautiful and, more importantly, you have created a warm and comfortable place for guests to relax and engage with each other.  The room on the 2nd floor with the bar and the breakfast courtyard across the street invite people to talk and enjoy the company of fellow travelers.  Your staff is incomparable — welcoming, courteous, engaging.  No wonder the hotel is such a success!  We’ll remember the delightful experience for a long time to come and hope to visit soon again.  Take care.


Maryann McCabe
Cultural Connections LLC
3349 Monroe Avenue, Suite 136
Rochester, NY 14618
University of Rochester
Department of Anthropology
Office (585) 248-3462
Fax (585) 264 1149
Cell (585) 615 3247

Querido Roger,
Soy profesora de Literatura Hispana en Houston, TX. Pero mi madre es yucateca y yo viví en Mérida por casi 10 años. Para mi sorpresa, nunca antes había visto las fotografías de Mexilio. Supongo que lo mío es un caso bastante frecuente entre personas que hemos vivido en esa amada y maravillosa tierra y que a veces con las prisas de la vida cotidiana no hemos podido detenernos a ver con calma lo que nos rodea, y ha observar la belleza absoluta de una ciudad que también a mí y a mi familia nos acogió como a tantos otros “forasteros” (tanto mi padre como mis hermanas nacimos en la Ciudad de México… efectivamente… chilangas pero de corazón yucateco:P) Accidentalmente planeando un viaje para un amigo he caído en tu página y he leído tu blog. Me ha encantado, y tengo la esperanza de que muchos lo lean y se enteren de cómo es mi país y mi tierra querida. Por mi parte ya sé adónde voy a mandar a mis amigos profesores este verano. Todos queremos participar en un congreso del instituto “Habla” que tendrá junto con Brown University y Columbia College una serie de conferencias y workshops, y aunque todos están emocionadísimos, me está costando un trabajo increíble convencerlos a todos de que vengan a Mérida con esa mala imagen que tienen todos en la cabeza gracias a los medios de comunicación, es cada vez más dificil convencer a la gente de que no es así, por lo menos no en todas partes y mucho menos aún en la bella y pacífica Mérida. Estoy súmamente contenta de haber encontrado tu blog y complacida de que mi país sea ahora el tuyo. Voy a mostrárselos a mis amigos profesores para que vean que “el amor por la Patria no me tiene ciega” como ellos dicen todo el tiempo. Cada verano yo viajo a Mérida y sin duda alguna este no será la excepción, pero haré una parada especial en Casa Mexilio y Casa Yolanda para presentarme personalmente y conocer tu hermosísimo lugar. Y si todo sale bien, lo haré acompañada de unos huéspedes Texanos ansiosos de conocer y experimentar la vida verdadera en el corazón de Yucatán.
Mis mejores deseos para este año venidero y espero conocerte muy pronto!!!

Sandra Robinson wrote:
Just to say how much we enjoyed your hotel. The smiling Alberto, always helpful,
the ambience, the tropical plants, the bridge, the different breakfasts and our
nightly glass of wine.d r

I wish I had read your blog before we came, it is simply marvellous, I really
enjoyed reading and strangely feel the same way about many of your comments. I
too love Palm trees and after visiting Sicily last year have had one planted on
Skiathos, Greece where we have a home. Simple. blue and white and adorned with
many flowers it is a joy.  We too, have lived in the Hague about the same time
as you were there..first on Wassenaarseweg then in Wassenaar itself.
We first visited Merida in 1964 from New York City, traveling on a bus with the
chickens and ended up making good friends with the son of the hotel Cabanas del
Caribe, which I am sure is no longer there, having been replaced by huge hotel
chains.  In the last few years we have visited friends in San Miguel de Allende
and indeed traveled by a luxury bus..easy to do, and next time we will certainly
fly to Cancun and take the bus to Merida once more.

My daughter and her fiancee had a hiccup at the airport on their way back to
Geneva in Switzerland, 3 hours late and so they missed their connection in
Mexico City, but Aeormexico put them up in a hotel, upgraded them to business
and delivered them safely in Paris, then connected to Geneva, so a bad
experience turned into a good one. They lov
ed Mexico.

I did not notice the crutches, I wish I had as I could have used them..bad
athritis..but Advil came in handy and I also purchased a walking stick with a
tropical bird carved into the handle.

Again, thank you for making Merida a bit special for us by staying in your
little gem of a hotel.

You might enjoy reading “a House in France” by
Gullie Wells, I think it is your sort of book.

Best regards,

Sandra Robinson
previously of Frieda Kahlo room


It was a wonderful visit and great to see you and Jorge again.  I would dearly love it if you or both of you could find the time to visit me in NYC.  You heard me disertating about my digs to that lady in the bar so you know there is plenty of room, and I do enjoy both of you – so if it becomes possible please consider  yourselves VERY WELCOME!

Hope to see you long before next February!

Cheers,  Elaine


How have I missed your lovely Casa Mexilio? I used to have to travel to Merida frequently for business (buying books) but not so much any more. We’ve stayed at so many places in the city, too numerous to name. Will seek you out on the next trip, though it could be a while from now.

Your stories are simply incredible. You must put them into a book. They are too much of a treasure, truly. I, too, write about the Yucatan, much is research. I love Merida. Keep up the great work with your lovely hotel and your writings. All the best, Jeanine Kitchel (author Maya 2012 Revealed, Demystifying the Prophecy).

. . . Nov. 23, 2013

–  however, the high point of the entire trip was our time spent at the Casa Mexilio.  It felt just like old times.  I think it was our first time in the Enrique Granados room and we found it very comfortable.  Midnight visits to the upstairs bathroom in the Palomar room, our favorite, make it a bit risky at our age.  Sure, we noticed some changes, like a few less guest rooms and no access to the old bar and roof areas.  But, all in all, it’s still our first choice for a place to stay on the planet.  The Monet bridge is a very nice touch.  Lawrence took a few photos which I think she plans to send your way.