Cancellation Protection Insurance

.  .  .   allows you to cancel and to be fully refunded, UP UNTIL, but not including, the day of your arrival at the hotel, minus the cost of the protection. This protection will override all of the online and listed hotel policies. The cost is $30.00 per PERSON and must be paid for each person inhabiting the room and it is non refundable.

It must be requested at the time of the initial reservation and paid in conjunction with the reservation deposit.

For reservations with an arrival date less than 30 days from the date the reservation is made, it is not an option.

The Cancellation Protection protects your payments against cancellation penalties for any reason up until the day of arrival at the hotel (that is, 12:00 pm on the day before your arrival date). It does not allow for changing, shortening, or canceling parts of the reservation.